Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hudson turned 10!

For Hudson's 10th birthday we had a "reverse surprise" party. He knew it was his birthday party.... his friends did not. I just thought that since we invited kids over last minute (less than a week from invite to party) that it was rude to expect people to bring a gift. And also, he has so much stuff as it is.. and doesn't really play with most of it. He plays with legos, he plays outside with toy guns (yes, we allow him to play with toy guns!), he plays soccer and in his tree house, he draws and watches movies and reads and plays computer games.... but he doesn't really play with toys. So why put people through the extra expense and errand running of getting him a gift?? So to celebrate his 10th year we promised him a trip to Dick's Sporting Goods to let him pick out some camping/hiking supplies, and let him have some buddies over after their soccer game for pizza and a sleep over. Grandma and Papa, Grandma Chickie, Aunts Megan, Kristin and Dawn and some cousins (Dom, Frankie, Harrison, and baby Gianna) joined the fun too. Reilly came later on. It was a good day.

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MR said...

I love it!! Seriously, I got the big NO from the in laws when I suggested no presents... Good for you.