Monday, July 30, 2007

Home from Camp

We picked the kids up from camp on Friday afternoon. They were happy to see us (and Ethan and Cate too) and to tell us all about their week. We were able to witness a few of the camp chants and songs that the kids learned....and they learned A LOT of songs! Thankfully I had pretty low expectations for hygiene and cleanliness while they were there ("Just let them be alive when I pick them up," was my motto) because we found out that Hudson used his bar of soap only once! The weather could have been better- it rained quite a bit, and Alex had a little problem with a "bully"and some demanding cabin-mates, but all in all they both had a great time.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ethan playing soccer

Here's our little soccer star!! This is really funny. Click on "Jump to tagged clip" and then "ethan playing soccer" so you only have to watch the 33 second clip, instead of the entire 2 minute movie. Enjoy!

Monday, July 23, 2007


Alex and Hudson are off to camp! They are both spending a week at 4-H Camp Bristol Hills. I went to this camp as a kid ans LOVED it. I hope they have the same great experience I had. Neither of them went with a friend, but I'm sure they are making new friends left and right. Hudson looks a little worried in this picture, but he was very excited...both kids were. They were like, "Ok goodbye Mom. Get out of here now...I'm fine!" No tears, no apprehension. There was a little girl in Alex's cabin who was crying and clinging to her mom, and I have to admit that I'm glad my kids didn't react that way. They are going to have so much fun! I want to go to camp!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Day!

The 7th Harry Potter book came out at 12:01 this morning. Alex has been looking forward to this day since February 19th when we pre-ordered the book. To celebrate, we attended the Bloomfield Public Library's Harry Potter party. We arrived in costume (it said on the invitation that costumes were encouraged).... well, only one or two other kids dressed up. But my crew didn't mind. It was a good excuse to wear a costume - and you know how we all like to be in costume!

The day ended (or began?) with a midnight trip to the mall to pick up our copy of the book. Alex wore Ethan's headlamp so she could read in the van on the way home.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Dancing with Jack

Alex will probably kill me for putting this video up on the blog- but 1. its SO CUTE! and 2. I just figured out how to do it..... so I had to!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Week in Pictures

Cousin fun! That's Ethan (I think), Frankie, Luke holding Harrison & Hudson.

Alex played in s U12 tournament this weekend. She did well, made new friends, had a lot of fun and played A LOT of soccer.

Our caterpillar is now a butterfly! This is the second butterfly we have hatched this year so far. The first one was a Painted Lady- this one is an Eastern Swallowtail. Uncle Dick found the larvae on his dill plant and we put it in our butterfly "cage" to watch it change.... isn't it beautiful! Prior to the Painted Lady and the Black Swallowtail we have only hatched Monarchs, so this was a treat!

Veggie Camp wraps up tomorrow. The kids have fun and learn lessons about forgiveness and kindness, but let me tell you all this Jesus singing that is going on around here is making Justin crazy!