Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter! And Justin is Home!!!!

Justin spent most of his time in Padova, which is in northern Italy, but did get to be a "tourist" and visited Venice and Verona as well. These pictures are all from Venice (I believe). He brought home some neat stamps with all of the family's initials. Perfect for letterboxing! We are all so happy he is home safe and sound....especially after we learned about the earthquakes in Italy. But he was far from them, and I knew more about what was going with them on than he did!!

This morning Megan and I were in charge of the Easter Egg hunt at church....

...then we got the kids who were singing into their robes for their performance (I'll have it on youtube soon). We stopped back home to collect a jet-lagged Justin and meet Grandma Chickie who stopped by with goodies the bunny "accidentally" left at her house for the kids. Dinner was at Grandma and Papa's house. Here is the Kids' Table... they are singing Happy Easter because we lit the little egg candles that are at their place settings. The Trippis, Bonnie and Grandma Chickie joined us for dinner, and Todd showed up a bit later. We had a very nice day... with Hudson and Alex giving Grandma Chickie a Wii lesson (!) good food and great company.