Monday, July 20, 2009

Funny things

My dad told me I had better write these things down....

Hudson had outgrown his Yankee jersey. I tried to put it on Ethan one day and he said, all aghast, "I can't wear this!! I'm not a sport!"


The other morning Ethan crawled into bed next to me and asked. "Where is Hudson?"

Me: "In his bed sleeping."

Ethan: "I saw him not."

Me: "Oh, o-kay Yoda."

Our Summer so Far...

We decided to brain storm some fun things to do this summer... between camps and soccer and hanging at the pool and dance classes. I asked each kid for a few ideas, and Justin and I came up with a few of our own. Ethan's big thing was to stay up till midnight watching movies and eating snacks. We finally did that Friday night (check!). We watched Harry Potter 3 and 5, and then went to see the new movie on Saturday at the theater (check!) Alex's were silly- like "eat watermelon out of the watermelon with a spoon like they did on iCarly" which she did (check!) Some things we had to "divide and conquer". For example, Justin took the boys to Grimes Glenn (check!) and I took Alex and Cate to Sonnenberg (check!)

We crossed off Geneseo Air Show (check!) even though we didn't pay to get in, but watched it from the campus grounds after a walk with Grandma Chickie. My sister said we were cheating- but o-well.


Hudson has been doing really well in soccer this season. His skills and confidence have really improved. He was quite pleased with himself when he scored 3 goals in one game!

I'll leave you with some funny pictures of the boys. Ethan- you're so weird.....
And I don't think Hudson likes his lunch!!