Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kelly- I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex here- I just wanted to say,"Kelly-I love you"!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you heard me, I went to a Kelly Clarkson concert at Darien lake yesterday. First we went on rides and then we did something I've always wanted to do...SEE KELLY CLARKSON LIVE!!!!!! It was the most fantastic concert I have ever gone too- actually my first concert too! I loved ALL the songs and her new hair cut. At the end when she was singing Breakaway, we got about 10 feet away from her and she waved to us, and I yelled, as you can guess, "I LOVE YOU KELLY!!!" At the very end they threw confetti out of these big blower things and I got pockets full to take home. One more thing- THANK YOU GRANDMA PATTY for the tickets !!!! I love you tooooo!!!!