Saturday, August 29, 2009

ADK Trip

We had a wonderful week in the Adirondacks. We rented a small cottage in Inlet for the second year in a row (but this was our 5th annual trip to ADK) but drove to many new locations for hiking, letterboxing and such. I was telling my sister it may seem like Boot camp to some as opposed to a vacation- lots of hiking, swimming, kayaking, etc. We did a ropes course as well which was the highlight of the trip. (I know that many of you have seen these pictures on facebook, but I thought I should share some here as well.)
Our cottage at Sunset Beach Cottages Death Falls
Letterboxing at Death Falls On a giant rock on the hike to the top of Goodnow Mountain at Ferd's Bog Killing time in Bolton Landing waiting for our appointed time to go on the ropes course Ethan all by himself on the kids' rope course Alex on one of the zip lines Justin and Hudson on the ropes course Eating pizza and wings at the Screamen Eagle Climbing Black Bear Mountain
On top of Black Bear Mountain Alex at Chimney MountainSunset BeachOn top of Chimney Mountain