Sunday, January 28, 2007

Happy Dawn-a-versary!

Megan and I took the kids sledding before the Dawn-a-versary Pond Party yesterday. Megan made a snow ramp and was the only one who could hit it- which she did many times. I hear she's pretty tired today.

At the pond party the Gabby & Frankie tried out their new ice skates. Frankie wore this helmet all day!

Keenan took this awesome picture of the fire- see Kipper in the middle?

Here is Papa and his mini-me.

And at the end of the day we had 2 tired dogs!

Friday, January 26, 2007


Here is Ethan, caught in the act of his obsessive compulsive need to have the bathroom door SHUT!

Hippie Day

Yesterday was hippie day at the kids' school, as a part of spirit week. Hudson, who had missed school all week, got up enough strength to dress up and head off to school. Aren't they cute?

I crimped all Alex's hair ...which took half an hour! (Thanks Aunt Megan for the crimper!) But we were able to use the "do" for both hippie day and wacky hair day the day before.... yeah, we don't shower much around here.

.... a lot of her friends said it wasn't wacky enough!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January Days

Just like over at the Trippi blog....there is not much going on around the Williams' household. We have had our share of sickness - Ethan has an ear infection and Hudson is home sick from school again today. We enjoyed the ice storm, mostly because we didn't lose power, but also because it was pretty. We've been sledding a few times with Keenan and Grandma Patty... Hudson and Alex ran into a tree, and Grandma skidded down the hill on her butt with no sled!!! Justin celebrated his 34th birthday. We had Grandma, Papa, Grandma Chickie and Keenan over to help celebrate on Monday night. We enjoyed dog sitting Kipper while Grandma & Pops were down in VA. Now Shelby misses her buddy... and his nice bed.

And because Shelby was hogging his bed- Kipper decided to sleep on the couch....and do a little reading before bed!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Happy New Year!

Alex kicked off the New Year with a concert! She, Aunt Dawn & Reilly went to see High School Musical and according to the girls, it was AWESOME! Apparently thre was a lot of screaming going on! Thanks Aunt Dawn!!