Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Alex is 11 today...

This is a picture of her from her last soccer game this past Sunday. Her team has one more game, but she'll be in DC for the Junior National Young Leaders Conference, so she'll miss it.

We don't have a party planned because we just couldn't find a good time to have one... yet. She's a busy kid, so finding a good night can be tough. This past Saturday she and Reilly & Caroline went to see Legally Blonde as part of their birthday presents. (Reilly's 11th b-day was yesterday! Happy birthday Reilly!! I still find it to be SO STRANGE that your mom and I had our babies so close.)

So Alex, how does it feel to be starting your second decade?? 10 was really good, wasn't it? I really liked 10. I bet 11 will be even better! Happy birthday baby girl!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The other night the boys were getting into the shower (Hudson showers Ethan for me, isn't that nice?) and I overheard this conversation:

Ethan: That must be Dad's... (talking about a razor)
Hudson: No, that's Mom's... Dad doesn't shave in the shower. He shaves at the sink.
Ethan: (incredulously) But Mom doesn't have a beard!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday Weekend

Hudson celebrated his 9th birthday this weekend. Because Grandma Patty had cleaned out and decorated the barn for her own Barn Bash last weekend, we decided Hudson should have his party there too. The weather was great... almost too hot...for the hordes of boys that arrived...Here they are taking a water break after a game of soccer and just before hide and seek starts.

We discovered that Luke and Bryce look like twins separated at birth!

Dylan and Jared went topless into the apple bobbing bucket.

Ethan gives apple bobbing a try.

Hudson really wanted to play the "doughnut on a string" game. I was less than enthusiastic.... but all the kids had a really good time with this!

Ethan's apple bobbing pays off.... he was quite tenacious, not giving up or cheating (just grabbing the apple). It took him forever (20 minutes??) but he finally got his reward!

Dominick getting a bite of his doughnut.

Nick joined the fun too. I missed most of it but I guess he was the cutest doughnut eater around!!

Cake time!!

The girls enjoyed some post party spa treatments!

We ended the day with a bon fire (the party guests had gone home) and some spooky (?) stories. Dominck wasn't a huge fan of the stories...mom said he was hyper-ventilating!
Happy birthday Hud!!