Saturday, September 30, 2006

Memory Walk

Today Alex, Hudson & I walked in the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk in Canandaigua. It's about a 2.7 mile walk, and the kids did great. Then we went and told Mum that we walked for her.

Tired out after the walk (with a buddy).

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ten Years....

Has it really been ten years? It doesn't seem that long. I still feel like that same girl- heavier, but basically the same. Justin's hair has come full circle and is near that length again! And I think that may have been that last time I wore lipstick!

We had a nice weekend in "the city"- a play at GEVA, nice dinner, night in a hotel, breakfast and strolling around Park Ave, and a visit to Strong Museum. We sort of felt a little out of place being at a museum devoted to play without our kids- but it was so nice to be able to wander around, not chase or lose anyone, and actually get to ENJOY it. It's a really fabulous place. The new Reading Adventure Land was almost as great as the Butterfly Exhibit. I highly recommend it.

We don't have any plans for tonight. Justin has to work. Alex has dance. Hudson does too- but he is sick on the couch right now with a 102.2 temp. I'll probably have a glass of wine, watch some (hopefully) great TV and fold laundry....such is life. Happy ten years to us!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Sarah here:

Ethan and I picked a huge bucket full of pears yesterday and I made pear ginger crisp with some of them last night after he had gone to bed. Today he tried it and he loves it. He had a big serving for lunch. A little later he said, "Mom, can I have more pear crust?" and then "Can we go get some more pears to make some more pear crust?" It doesn't sound as appetizing to me when it's called "Crust", but whatever.

We brought the scarecrow down from the shed attic and tied it to the fence out by the road. We snuck into the field and "borrowed" some corn from the friendly farmer to decorate with. Yesterday Ethan heard the tractor so we took off down the path to go see what the farmer was up to. He was harvesting the corn. We waved, and when the farmer got near, he turned off his tractor and came over to see us. "Are you the little guy Uncle Dick brought out here last year?" he asked Ethan. Ethan was so excited he could barely talk to the guy!

My camera is not operating right now- otherwise I would have added some pictures of Ethan on the ladder.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Hot Cross Buns...

Hi all. As you know it i'm learning to play the flute, I had my 1st lesson today. I know the fingerings for 3 songs but i'm still working on the sound. Hudson and I are back in dance, and we're trying to get Ethan in to going to the preschool program. School is going great for Hud, Ethan and me! I hope you guys all had a great summer! Bye-Bye!!!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ethan's First Day

Here is a picture of Ethan and his friend Meredith just before going into school for their first day. See how happy and ready Ethan looks? See how proudly he is wearing his back pack and holding his show and tell (there is a caterpillar in there)? Well, that didn't last. As soon as he remembered that he gets LEFT there, he wasn't too happy. There were no tears, but there was certainly some apprehension. But when I returned 2½ hours later he was fine. He had played at the rice table. He did a project. He played with his buddies that he remembered from last year. He did ok!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


It looks like a hillbilly picnic around here

First Day....

Today was the first day of school. The kids were up early and ready to go with lots of time to spare. It helps that their bus doesn't come until 8:55am. In case you have lost track, Hudson is 6 and entering 2nd grade. Alex is 8 and entering 4th. (Doesn't that sound OLD??!!) Here is a picture of last year's first day to compare. Hey look! Hudson is wearing the exact same shirt! Whoops! At least it gives you a good comparison of his size- look at how much he has grown!

And next year we get to watch this monkey go off to kindergarten!

Hudson is looking a little "Jack-o-lantern-ish" lately. He lost his top tooth the other night while he was sleeping.... and we can't find it!! Wonder were it ended up?

* The kids just got off the bus at 4:20pm! Yes, that is late for them...hopefully the next few days will be a bit earlier. Normal time is about 4 or 4:05. Hudson was very quiet and hasn't said much of anything about the first day. Alex was the first person to talk to the new boy in her class.... hmmmmm, sounds a bit like her Papa.