Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hudson Plays Soccer

He loves this picture!
Saturdays are Hudson's busy day. He has dance from 9-10:30 and soccer practice 2-4. He's usually pretty tired by Saturday night. His 3rd game of the fall soccer season is tomorrow. Last week they had a double header, and they played on a smaller field so only 9 players could be on the field at a time. The coach decided to split the team into 2 teams for those two games. The first team lost their game, but Hudson's team won theirs. Hudson has been playing left wing pretty regularly and last week he scored and had a nice assist.
Tomorrow Hudson turns 10! I can hardly believe it. I always feel so lucky to have him knowing how close we were to not having him.... a long story if you don't know it. Maybe I'll post it tomorrow. He is a kind, fair, outgoing kid. He has tons of friends, does great in school, is loved by his teachers, is (for the most part) loving to his brother.... and tolerates his sister (we're working on that). He can be competitive, sometimes a little too competitive, but is a gracious loser too. Tomorrow for his birthday he invited a handful of boys to come over after the soccer game. Because we didn't invite them until late this week (because mom and dad are lame- sorry!) we didn't even tell the boys that it is Hudson's birthday. I didn't want anyone to have to scramble to get him a gift, and honestly the kid has so much already and doesn't even know what he wants! But when I told him that there would be no gifts from his friends he was totally ok with it! What 10 year kid would be ok with that??
other updates: Alex got a leading part in the musical. They are doing School house Rock Jr. and she is Dori. She has quite a few songs. Very exciting stuff!

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